…it’s NOT what you would think. It’s NOT what everyone else is doing. It’s cheap, effective, quick AND easy.

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brandingLesson #1: STOP trying to BRAND yourself. Marketing is what the advertisers want you to do, and why would that be? Because it’s a never ending process, that will bleed your small business marketing budget dry and you CAN’T measure it.

TIP: If you can’t measure the results of your advertising dollar, STOP doing it! Always track your ROI.

Why on Earth would we want to keep putting money out there again and again on something that isn’t getting results? Especially since most small businesses open up WITHOUT any money held over for marketing, they just assume business will come. This kind of stress and fiscal irresponsibility will cripple any business.

Coke has the budget, McDonalds does, but your business? I don’t know about you but I dont’ have thousands up on thousands to spend daily in all mediums (tv, radio, print, etc) just to try to get my name out there WITHOUT ANY RESULTS. That’s called “exposure” and honestly, that’s what charities offer when the solicit you for donations… it’s NOT what your advertising dollar should be paying for.

So where does that leave YOU with your small business marketing?

Market for RESULTS and FORGET about branding. You don’t need exposure, you need clients. Direct mail is good for this, although most snuff it off as silly or unprofessional, all while their competition is laughing their way to the bank.

Internet marketing is another means that is hugely overlooked. In this day and age where it’s obvious where are the eyeballs are, why most small business owners stick to where they aren’t (print, radio, etc) is beyond me. Perhaps it’s lack of knowing what to do or where… the ease of writing a check to some other coupon magazine hoping maybe it’ll work this time around…

Here, you’ll learn how to handle these things yourself or who to hire to take care of it for you… you’re in the right place. Marketing madness will slip away. Welcome home.