Direct Booking Website

How to create a direct booking website for airbnb or your short-term rental (str).

hey everybody a lot of you have been
asking what is the
best direct booking website builder
because there are a lot of free
builders everywhere all of these
property management software
companies um right hostway
logi guly all that if you sign up for
their their software that helps
synchronize the calendars
between all the platforms Airbnb
vbo um and and this is what you need
when you’re going to start to book
direct when you’re going to when you’re
going to say I’m I’m tired of giving
this percentage to these
platforms and I want to book
direct and all I need is a direct
booking website and and and so that the
software that synchronizes your Cal
calendars will give you a free website
template they’ll give you a free site or
or included 50 100 bucks a month right
really cheap with their software because
they’re a software company they are not
a website company so they offer these
websites and I have clients I own a
marketing firm I’ve been doing SEO and
websites and working with Google and
advertising and marketing for decades
they’re not a website company so they
know what they want I’ve got clients who
who come to me after having these sites
they’ve been on Google and on these
platforms for a year and have not gotten
any direct bookings and that is because
their site is basically invisible to
Google because it isn’t SEO search
engine optimized properly it doesn’t
score well with Google
so the best direct booking website
template or platform is is one that
actually gets you clients so it is
not from one of
these software companies these project
management property management software
companies um that that just toss it in
as a bonus that it’s tempting right
because it’s
free but anything good is not free we we
should know that by now
um so what you want is is actually you
want to build it on
WordPress right you don’t want their
free stuff cuz it’s it’s one you’re
building a house on someone else’s land
if you ever change property management
software um and and you don’t want host
away you want to switch to
logiflow everything you have right cuz
cuz it’s it’s on their their thing you
want to put it on WordPress that you own
so anything you do for
SEO right it’s going to benefit your
site that is yours and you keep that
with you always because WordPress is
it’s free it’s used by half the websites
on the the planet or on
um so so the
best direct booking website template the
best direct booking website software is
not one of these ones that’s included on
a platform that if you leave you lose
your site and you don’t want it anyway
it’s actually one that is built by a
professional on WordPress and and
WordPress is easy enough you could
probably figure it out yourself it’s not
as easy as Wix or GoDaddy but but those
are same thing you have to stay with
them forever you’re renting that site
forever you could you could
pay one $2,000 a year for 10 years and
you will never own that site because you
can’t take it with you WordPress is the
only way that you can do that and once
you’re on WordPress you can then you can
do keyword research find out what people
are searching for you can make sure that
you optimize your site so it scores well
with Google you want to make sure you
have super super fast hosting hosting in
the cloud um virtual private servers is
is what I use cuz Google is all about
speed right it’s got to load fast
um SEO optimize it design it in a way so
it gets you booking so when people land
they know what your site is about they
know how to book quick and
easy and you know but first you’ve got
to get people to your site so so can’t
be invisible to Google it’s got to be on
WordPress not one of these freebie
things and you need help just uh I’ve
got a lot of other videos here or
actually go to my profile message me