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because a LOT has happened these past few years

Where PPC is an immediate result, it’s like staying in a hotel. You can pay today and stay today, but if you want a place to sleep tomorrow you have to pay again.

Actually, you can pay for 30 years, every night, over and over and you will NEVER own your hotel room. That’s because you’re leasing space, one night at a time.

That’s what it’s like for PPC, which is good if you want results immediately, but what if you want more?

What if you want to INVEST in something and you decide to build a home?

It’ll take a year to complete, but you will then have a solid foundation that is yours, you own it, and you won’t have to stay in a hotel anymore.

This is what SEO is, investing in your online foundation,

Most business owners and CEO’s took the leap and began doing SEO on a monthly basis to replace their phone book advertising.

Don’t fall any further behind, and if you’re alright, keep entrenching your position because it takes “on-site” optimization to get to page one, and monthly SEO to stay (& climb) up page one.

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“I am a Website and Graphic designer, and have worked with Chris on a few projects along the way.  He is very clued up on SEO and on the technical side of the website building process.  It is hard to find someone reliable these days, but Chris is definitely someone you can rely on to get the job done right.”

Michelle Williams

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