Designing Your Brand

...or should we say crafting.

Designing your Logo, or Brand, is a vital step

…and it should not only convey who you are, but what you do and generate sales for you.

How does a logo generate sales?

Through a very complex process. That’s why where most design firms will hire out a $100 designer and charge you $1,000… we begin at $2,997 and do things the right way.

We follow a proven process that’s over a dozen steps before we even begin to think about the look of your brand.

And it all begins with finding out about you and who you are.

That’s just the first step and is quite thorough.

Next we move onto discovering who your core customer is, because your brand will have to speak to them.

This is commonly overlooked, and a vital mistake.

Then we go beyond your traditional USP (unique selling proposition) and actually discover why you matter instead of just what makes you different.

This is all included for free, as part of a $10,000 consulting process that we offer to you, our valued clients, for the simple price of a logo design…

Because it’s this process, this “pre-design” that we bring to the design table, that most others skip completely because they’re not even aware of it.. that will monetize your brand.

And getting you in touch with more customers so you can in turn help them, is what it is all about.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

“Finding Christopher has been a bit of a Godsend for me. I had given up after years and years of trying to get my website setup properly and it always ended in frustration and wasted money. My husband and I tried to get a good web-site with volunteer help; expert help and we even  tried a ***** web-site and although they looked really good to us, they literally brought no business to me whatsoever…

I can thankfully say that my trust was  well placed in Christopher Brazy. Not only did he take care of everything on his own so I didn’t have to worry about it, he also setup online strategies that have clients coming to me from online on auto-pilot.

Rev. Carter

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