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Timely Support

Our Support and 1 on 1 time with our clients is unbeatable. We challenge you to find another firm in the world with better support than us.

Innovative Ideas

With a clear and fresh perspective, based on experience, we do things that our competition doesn’t even know how we do it.

Advanced Technology

Online, Automated, Effective. Our Systems & Marketing Strategies do one thing, get you Results.

Clear Communication

We don’t only explain what we do, but how we do it, simply and clearly.


If you’re running a PPC or SEO without our Juggernaut System in place, you are literally flushing money down the toilet. This system can DOUBLE the Results your getting from your online marketing and we can not only set this up for you, but also handle your PPC & SEO campaigns as well.

“Client-Magnet” Websites

You don’t need a website, you need CUSTOMERS, that’s what our websites do, bring you new customers because we make sure your site isn’t only google-friendly, but also gets people in your door. From $2,997.


…SEO changes day by day and minute by minute. The last few years have been a nightmare with most lost and confused as to what works (and many blacklisted). First the Penquin update removed “over optimized” pages and blacklisted them. Then the Panda update the following year “graded” your entire site and if your score was too low you wouldn’t show up and all. Now there are more and more updates, what do you do? You need someone on top of the latest strategies to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

Want More PRESS?

How about to be able to be found on MSN, CNN, CSNBC, the Wall Street Journal AND ??? We can make that happen, but better yet… We can show you how to utilize this Authority (press) to create a windfall of cashflow for your business as well.

Deanna Broes, Marketing Director zColo of Zayo group

“Thanks for your great marketing campaign work. With an initial 65% open rate on emails, 50% of the generated prospects led to face-to-face meetings. Glad to you have you as a partner in our marketing efforts.”

“Already since you redid my site for me my business has increased exponentially plus all the other stuff that I have learned from you has helped a lot… I have hired 4 new staff and we are starting to finally be profitable and I’m taking 1 day off per week starting this week… I’ve even taken a paycheque the last 3 months!”

Lara Clement

“Right away (literally within hours) I had an online marketing funnel to capture prospects for my new business to go along with my SEO’d website. Over the last 7 weeks this has helped grow me from 2 or 3 clients to over 30. Clients LOVE the site and I love that I can followup with people automatically. It’s also great that Christopher took care of all of this for me, finding out about my business and coaching me along in the process, so I didn’t have to bother with it. I can relax knowing that he has my best interests in mind for me and the needs of my business”

Lisa Rankin

“You’re gonna love working with Chris.  He listens. He responds.  He sets goals and helps you accomplish them. Then he gets the word out so you’ll get more clients in. … And his web design focuses on getting results!!! As a business owner, it is really important to have someone to contact when things are going wacky and also to encourage you to keep progressing when everything is going well. No matter how grand your product and services may be, if your marketing fails, nobody knows!!”

Dr. Morrow

“I am a Website and Graphic designer, and have worked with Chris on a few projects along the way.  He is very clued up on SEO and on the technical side of the website building process.  It is hard to find someone reliable these days, but Chris is definitely someone you can rely on to get the job done right.”

Michelle Williams

“Chris is simply the best! What he says, he does and beyond. I’ve been following Chris now for 4 years and have always enjoyed reading his news regarding Websites and Seo…He’s opened my eyes to both…. My website is finally now earning the money it should have been 2 years ago. You won’t be sorry. He’s there for you 100%.  The idea he provides to us is amazing! He should be offering classes to every person who has a business and website. All the best.”

Sandra Wiendels

“Finding Christopher has been a bit of a Godsend for me. I had given up after years and years of trying to get my website setup properly and it always ended in frustration and wasted money. My husband and I tried to get a good web-site with volunteer help; expert help and we even  tried a ***** web-site and although they looked really good to us, they literally brought no business to me whatsoever… I can thankfully say that my trust was  well placed in Christopher Brazy. Not only did he take care of everything on his own so I didn’t have to worry about it, he also setup online strategies that have clients coming to me from online on auto-pilot.”

Suzanne Carter

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