PPC Management

You're not making this mistake (are you)?

PPC Management

99% of people running PPC Ads online are making a mistake…
(and it’s a BIG one)

Don’t leave money on the table, because if you’re running PPC ads and aren’t taking steps to make sure you’re getting a sale, that’s exactly what you are doing.

Worse yet, if you’re “remarketing” to get visitors to your site back again, you’re doing even worse and are flushing money down the toilet.

What is KEY?

Ok, I’ll tell you (along with all of my “competitors”) because I don’t mind helping and it’s a not “what” you do, but “How” you do it…

First, most (i.e. 99%) are sending their clicks to the home page, HUGE mistake.

Second, you’re not getting the sale because you don’t have any authority,

And thirdly, you probably don’t have a “sales funnel” in place make the sale for you.

We set this system up for a day spa in Colorado Springs which resulted in an extra 20 new clients/month for them.

We don’t know if that’s a little or a lot for you, but this was from ORGANIC (non-paid) traffic and resulted in about $1,000 in sales on Auto-Pilot, literally, in their sleep.

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“Right away (literally within hours) I had an online marketing funnel to capture prospects for my new business to go along with my SEO’d website. Over the last 7 weeks this has helped grow me from 2 or 3 clients to over 30. Clients LOVE the site and I love that I can followup with people automatically. It’s also great that Christopher took care of all of this for me, finding out about my business and coaching me along in the process, so I didn’t have to bother with it. I can relax knowing that he has my best interests in mind for me and the needs of my business”

Lisa Rankin

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