Christopher Brazy Marketing Helps Non-Profit Charities with Free Internet PPC Advertising

Good news if you’re a Non-Profit Charity, a Denver, Colorado based Internet Marketing Firm, is helping you with free PPC Advertising.

When asking Christopher how this is possible, he explained “There are a few hard to find, but free, resources out there for non-profits to tap into. The problem is that most of them don’t know about them, how to use them or even what hoops to jump through to get them. Such as up to $40,000.00 worth of free online advertising. We guarantee to all of our clients that hire us we’ll get them at least $10,000.00 worth of free advertising per month, but we can get them up to $40,000.00 monthly, at no cost to them, if we continue working on it for a few short months. This is what we do, help non-profits to get access and properly use these resources. It’s our area of expertise.”

What would a Non-Profit do with all of that online marketing?

Well to begin Christopher explains that many simply want to increase the awareness of their cause. There are people who are looking to support worthy causes and this allows them to do that. Others come right out and ask for donations with their ads. Some will run an “educational campaign.” Many want their brand out there for more visibility. There are all sorts of messages that charities want to get out there to the public, you just have to know what your end goal is.

Churches are another non-profit that can benefit greatly from online marketing help.

“There are tens and tens of thousands of Google searches going on daily in nearly every single town in North America that are looking for a church to attend. PPC advertising allows you to get in front of those people and on page one of Google” explains Christopher.

“HOWEVER, [Christopher warns] you want to make sure your advertising, even from free money, isn’t wasted.”

An estimated 95% of internet marketing is wasted because they lack a strategy. The ads are written poorly, scoring low and driving up cost. The PPC clicks are sent to the home page instead of a special page. Non-Profits forget to build their list of visitors. By focusing on the visitor you can get a 1,000% higher return than normal. All these things which an expert knows and can help you with can make a drastic difference in your campaign.

“Then with a proper followup campaign, you can nurture people along so they can make an informed decision on what to do. A followup system (marketing funnel) helps automate everything and allows you to work with all visitors to your site, not just the ones who decide to call (or donate) right on the spot. Those people are literally 1 out of 1,000. Why not work with all 1,000 of them” explains Mr. Brazy.

What should Charities focus on?

There are literally hundreds of ways to get the word out about your non-profit charity. The good news? You only want to focus on a handful of them. Social media is great but mainly a time-waster in this day and age. Facebook can take hours/day (when it should take 5 minutes) and your status updates are only shown to 5% of your fans. Twitter can be connected to facebook to save time there. There are some great linkedin strategies you can setup once and then let run on their own. Then there is youtube and video marketing, plus SEO (which is dangerous to undertake nowadays), Google+, Instagram, pinterest and countless others. You should focus on what gets you your desired result.

What’s the Goal?

Well, more visitors to your site should equal better business for your charity. The #1 sure-fire way to get that done is with PPC advertising. The SECRET is to advertise Once, and then let your marketing take over. With FREE advertising, and low-cost followup with an automated marketing system, your results will grow by leaps and bounds. You literally can determine how much and how fast you want to grow with the proper help.

The Takeaway?

Stop Leaving Money On The Table. Contact a professional to help you get things done.
If you need to reach Christopher you can call his company at 970-306-6250 or email [email protected]